This is a family campground and violations of the rules will not be permitted.

    OUR SITE RATES ARE FOR 2 ADULTS AND THEIR CHILDREN UNDER 18. Only one unit allowed at sites, no tents can be set up on occupied site unless approved by management.


  1. We welcome all families, including pets, but ask that all pets be kept under control and on a leash at all times. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.
  2. Dogs and Children should not be left unattended at your campsite. If you leave the campground take them with you.
  3. One Car to each site. All cars and trucks must be registered
  4. State law prohibits bringing firewood from out of state.
  5. Air conditioners and electric heaters are only allowed on 30amp and 50amp sites.
  6. Bicycles can be a problem. We have some dangerous hills; parents are responsible for the safety and activities of their children. No bikes allowed on the pavilion
  7. The speed limit is 5 M.P.H. for the safety of small children, animals, and adults at play. This is strictly enforced.
  8. QUIET TIME IS BETWEEN 10pm and 8am…. Please have your music on low after 10pm.
  9. Please drive only on the roads.Not on the grass or across other sites
  10. KEEP ALL FIRES SMALL, and attended by an adult at all times. Do not move the fire rings. ALL fires must be out by MIDNIGHT.
  11. EMERGENCY phone calls will be delivered.
  12. The green bin is for garbage ONLY. Keep trash picked up at all times so we do not have a problem with wildlife. Put recyclable items in the cans behind the bins.
  13. Please turn off water when you leave.
  14. If you decide to sell your trailer, the trailer has to be removed from that site.
  15. We will not be shoveling trailers off during the winter. It will be up to you to take care of your own trailer.
  16. Do not cut, deface, or hang things on the trees or shrubs.
  17. Firearms including bow and arrows are not allowed in the campground
  18. Fireworks are not permitted.
  19. No subletting campers

No pools, hot tubs or slip and slides.
Marijuana smoking, although permitted by the state of Vermont is restricted to the interior of your RV while parked on this private property. It will not be tolerated in the park.